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Undergraduate Research

Are you curious about a topic? Research involves inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, application, writing and/or performance. It can be faculty mentored or self-directed work that enables individual students or small groups of students to explore an issue of interest to them, and share the results to others. Our proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore affords students immediate connection and the ability to research a local, national, or international issue, as well as an increased appreciation of the value of multidisciplinary approaches.

For more information, visit the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research. Also consider the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

Fri, 9/1/17 - 1:46 PM
Join the Department of Germanic Studies for our year-long movie series: Volk ohne Humor?: The German Comedy Film.
Itamar Francez is an Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Chicago.
Prof Robyn Muncy discusses women’s voting rights after the ratification of the 19th Amendment.
Fri, 8/25/17 - 2:00 PM
Join us for a pre-show lecture on the universality of choice and consequence by James Hollis of the Jung Society of Washington.
Members of the National Orchestral Institute rehearse Tuesday. (By Geoff Sheil via The Washington Post)
The National Orchestral Institute at UMD brings together some of the best young players in the country.
Tue, 6/6/17 - 3:00 PM
A major talent on the international dance scene, Aakash Odedra is rapidly accumulating wide acclaim.
Mon, 5/15/17 - 2:00 PM

Join the UMD School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies (TDPS) for "UMoves" undergraduate dance concert.

Mon, 5/15/17 - 1:00 PM
Mon, 5/15/17 - 1:00 PM
When Eurydice tragically perishes on her wedding day, her groom Orpheus will do anything to bring her back to life.
Image credit: Milkboy ArtHouse, a performing arts venue on Route 1, in a photo taken Wednesday, April 12, 2017 (Ornelle Chimi/The Diamondback)
After more than a year of construction, the restaurant and performing arts venue will officially open on May 2.
New partnership underscores UMD's strong creative writing program and commitment to arts education and advocacy.
Join the Department of Germanic Studies for our year-long movie series “Willkommen in Deutschland!": Stories of Migration in German Cinema.