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Dean's Office Staff

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Name Position Phone Email
Bonnie Thornton Dill (Bio) Dean  301-405-0949  
Chanel Briscoe Dean’s Assistant 301-405-0949


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Academic Deans

Name Position Phone Email
Ralph Bauer  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs  301-405-5646
Linda Aldoory  Associate Dean for Research and Programming 301-405-7364
Daryle Williams Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs 301-405-2091

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Administrative Operations

Name Position Phone Email
Cara Kennedy Research Coordinator/Grant Writer 301-405-4698
Veronica McDougal Coordinator 301-405-2093
Ashley Richerson Miller Coordinator 301-405-2095
Betsy Yuen Coordinator 301-405-3934
Sherita Huff Administrative Assistant 301-405-2090
Jiyong Lee Graduate Assistant 301-405-8314

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College Equity

Name Position Phone Email
Wendy Jacobs Associate Dean and Equity Administrator  (Grievances/Faculty Searches) 301-405-2354  
Kathleen Cavanaugh Assistant Dean and Equity Administrator (Staff Searches) 301-405-2116  

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Communications & Marketing

Name Position Phone Email
Monique "Nicky" Everette Director of Marketing & Communications 301-405-6714
Jeanette "Jaye" Nelson Art Director, Print & Web Services 301-405-0416 
K. Lorraine Graham Communications Manager 301-405-2782 
T'Sey-Haye M. Preaster  Marketing & Events Graduate Assistant 301-405-5347 

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Name Position Phone Email
Laura Brown Assistant Dean of Development 301-405-6339
Amy Gardner Director  301-405-4517
Gregory Schofer Associate Director 301-405-6661
Jackie Zakrewsky Assistant Director 301-405-1569
Erica Mudd Coordinator 301-405-3334

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Name Position Phone Email
Lori Owen Director of Facilities 301-405-2132

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Name Position Phone Email
Julie Wright Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration 301-405-2101
Rebecca Sommer  Director of Financial Services 301-405-2456  
Heather Gray Director of Administrative Services 301-405-2094
Cristina Baker Coordiinator (50%) 301-405-0288
Kelly Flanagan Research Coordinator 301-405-5920

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Student Affairs \>
Name Position Phone Email
Audran Downing Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 301-405-2112
J. Darius Greene Associate Director 301-405-2108
Robert Crane Assistant Director/Senior Advisor 301-405-2108
Paula Nadler Assistant Director/Senior Advisor 301-405-2108
Karen Jones Program Management Specialist for Student Affairs 301-405-2112
Amanda Bachert Senior Advisor 301-405-2108
Tiara Lowe Senior Advisor 301-405-2108
Tanesha Leathers Academic Advisor 301-405-2108
Jessica White Coordinator/Academic Advisor 301-405-2108
Joseph Filteau Coordinator/Office Manager 301-405-2108
Kelsey Diemand Graduate Assistant 301-405-2108
Brian Keum Graduate Assistant 301-405-2108
Kate Juhl Program Director, Career Center 301-314-4040 
Margot Willis Career Advisor/Graduate Assistant 301-314-4040

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Name Position Phone Email
Kathleen Cavanaugh Assistant Dean of Academic Technology & Administrative Operations 301-405-2116
Jon Boone Assistant Director, Technical Services 301-405-2105  
Nathaniel Kuhn Assistant Director, Classroom Support & Admin Services 301-405-7235
Jennifer Patterson Assistant Director, Academic Technology 301-405-2886
Megan Weng Assistant Director, Web & Applications Services 301-405-7062
Susanne Coates Web Services Developer, Web & Applications Services 301-314-0985
Brian Crawford IT Coordinator, Digital Media 301-405-6211  
Mathew Fenlon Coordinator, User Support (CSPAC) 301-405-5744  
David Herrera Osorio Coordinator, User Support 301-405-8738
Nathaniel Kuhn Assistant Director, Classroom Support & Admin Services 301-405-7235  
Christopher Watkins Coordinator, User Support 301-405-8687  
Monica Milstead Coordinator, Classroom Support & Admin Services 301-405-2104  
Alexa Bleach Multimedia Technician (0210 Tawes) 301-405-3781
Felipe Padua IT Graduate Assistant, Web & Application Services 301-405-3051
Akanksha Shrivastava IT Graduate Assistant, Web & Application Services 301-405-3051

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