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Research & Centers

Research Goals

The College is committed to four goals for research: 

1. Maintain and strengthen excellence in our research

2. Increase the value and impact of our research for UMD, the State and the communities we serve

3. Build a research portfolio that reflects the College's mission of diversity and inclusion

4. Enhance and promote the social value of research in the arts and the humanities

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ARHU Research Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Research Advisory Comittee is to create a channel for faculty voice on the research agenda and efforts of the college. The college is seeking guidance from faculty who are committed to excellence in their field's areas of scholarship and other intellectual pursuits. The Research Committee will consist of the Associate Dean for Research and Programming, and a representative from various ARHU academic units and centers. 

 2017-18 Inaugural Members (alphabetical order):

  • Christopher Bonner (HIST)
  • Jorge Bravo (CLAS)
  • David Ellis (NFLC)
  • Ken Elpus (MUSC)
  • Maxine Grossman (JWST)
  • Frank Hildy (TDPS)
  • Curlee Raven Holton (Driskell Center)
  • Maura Keefe (TDPS)
  • Fatemeh Keshavarz (SLLC)
  • Trevor Munoz (MITH)
  • Irina Muresanu (MUSC)
  • Zita Nunes (ENGL)
  • Colin Phillips (LING)
  • Damien Pfister (COMM)
  • Joshua Shannon (ARTH)
  • Rachel Singpurwalla (PHIL)
  • Janelle Wong (AMST)
  • Liese Zahabi (ARTT)
  • Ruth Zambrana (WMST/CRGE)

Research Resources

ARHU Faculty Grant Competition 

External Grants: 

The College offers resources and support to faculty seeking funding for their research, developing research and fellowship proposals, creating budgets, and routing sponsored research proposals. Please visit the Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy Grants page to learn about these resources. Please also complete the Intent to Submit form to notify the College of your forthcoming proposals.

WORLDWISE: Arts & Humanities Insights Videos

An answer to the persistent question: What does research look like in the arts and humanities? Prominent scholars speak directly into the camera and share insights on a wide range of research influences and experiences in this intimate series of first-person, documentary style video portraits. Visit to view all eight scholar videos. 


Centers for Research and the Arts: 

The College of Arts and Humanities offers many opportunities that enhance the vibrant intellectual and creative life of the college, the university and the greater community.

Departmental Centers: