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Panama canal laborers, via Jacobin Magazine.
Donald Trump might not know it, but the United States didn't build the Panama Canal. Workers did.
Jennifer Barclay
The funding is supporting a pioneering approach to new play development.

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ARHU students win national fellowships. Stay tuned for further updates as winners are announced.
The award recognizes exemplary staff contributions to student affairs.
The Commodore Dudley W. Knox Award acknowledges a lifetime body of work in naval history.
Professor wins 2017 Outstanding Article Award for article about Buddhist "burning monk" Thích Quảng Đức.

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5/29/17, Wonder Woman and Her Influence
Carly Woods reflects on the history of Wonder Woman.
5/27/17, UMD Writers Bloc
This Russian absurdist satire offers a truly novel take on an age-old question of the heart.
5/27/17, Washington Business Journal
This restaurant, performance space and art gallery opens Tuesday in College Park.