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Academic Plans & Degree Requirements

The College of Arts & Humanities is dedicated to helping students navigate and enrich their academic experience and become Worldwise. To achieve this goal, students are responsible for developing and maintaining academic plans, which chart their progress from orientation until graduation, in consultation with both college and departmental advisors.

The University policies concerning your academic plan are found in the Student Academic Success-Degree Completion Policy

Academic Plan Templates

These templates are sample plans to assist you in creating your own academic plan and do not replace one-on-one advising. You can complete a comprehensive academic plan, including second majors or minors that you plan to pursue, by meeting with your advisors and using the blank ARHU Four Year Plan Worksheet to incorporate the requirements of all of your academic programs.  You are responsible for completing all college, university and major requirements on the academic plan and meeting annual benchmark deadlines which ensure that you remain on track for graduation.

To see which plan applies to your degree, please visit:

MajorsCORE Four Year PlansGeneral Education Four Year Plans
American StudiesAmerican Studies (CORE)American Studies (Gen Ed)
ArabicArabic Studies (CORE)Arabic Studies (Gen Ed)
Art HistoryArt History (CORE)Art History (Gen Ed)
Art (Studio Art)Studio Art (CORE)Studio Art (Gen Ed)
 Studio Art-Advanced Specialization (CORE)Studio Art-Advanced Specialization(Gen Ed)
 Studio Art-Graphic Design (CORE)Studio Art-Graphic Design (Gen Ed)
Central European, Russian and Eurasian StudiesCentral European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (CORE)Central European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (Gen Ed)
ChineseChinese (CORE)Chinese (Gen Ed)
ClassicsClassics-Humanities (CORE)Classics-Humanities (Gen Ed)
 Classics-Latin (CORE)Classics-Latin (Gen Ed)
 Classics-Greek (CORE)Classics-Greek (Gen Ed)
 Classics-Latin & Greek (CORE)Classics-Latin & Greek (Gen Ed)
CommunicationCommunication-Communication Studies (CORE)Communication-Communication Studies (Gen Ed)
 Communication-Rhetoric & Political Culture (CORE)Communication-Rhetoric & Political Culture (Gen Ed)
 Communication-Social Influence (CORE)Communication-Social Influence (Gen Ed)
 Communication-Public Relations (CORE)Communication-Public Relations (Gen Ed)
DanceDance (CORE)Dance (Gen Ed)
EnglishEnglish (CORE)English (Gen Ed)
Film StudiesFilm Studies (CORE)Film Studies (Gen Ed)
FrenchFrench (CORE)French (Gen Ed)
Germanic StudiesGermanic Studies (CORE)Germanic Studies (Gen Ed)
 HistoryHistory (CORE)History (Gen Ed)
 ItalianItalian Studies (CORE)Italian Studies (Gen Ed)
JapaneseJapanese (CORE)Japanese (Gen Ed)
Jewish StudiesJewish Studies (CORE)Jewish Studies (Gen Ed)
LinguisticsLinguistics-Grammars and Cognition (CORE)Linguistics-Grammars and Cognition (Gen Ed)
 Linguistics-Language (CORE)Linguistics-Language(Gen Ed)
Music EducationMusic Education-BME-Choral (CORE)Music Education-BME-Choral (Gen Ed)
 Music Education-BME-Instrumental (CORE)Music Education-BME-Instrumental (Gen Ed)
Music-Liberal ArtsMusic-BA-Jazz Studies (CORE)Music-BA-Jazz Studies (Gen Ed)
 Music-BA-Piano (CORE)Music-BA-Piano (Gen Ed)
 Music-BA-Strings (CORE)Music-BA-Strings (Gen Ed)
 Music-BA-Voice (CORE)Music-BA-Voice (Gen Ed)
 Music-BA-Wind & Percussion (CORE)Music-BA-Wind & Percussion (Gen Ed)
Music-PerformanceMusic-BM-Composition (CORE)Music-BM-Composition (Gen Ed)
 Music-BM-Jazz (CORE)Music-BM-Jazz (Gen Ed)
 Music-BM-Piano (CORE)Music-BM-Piano (Gen Ed)
 Music-BM-Strings (CORE)Music-BM-Strings (Gen Ed)
 Music-BM-Theory (CORE)Music-BM-Theory (Gen Ed)
 Music-BM-Voice (CORE)Music-BM-Voice (Gen Ed)
 Music-BM-Wind & Percussion (CORE)Music-BM-Wind & Percussion (Gen Ed)
PersianPersian Studies (CORE)Persian Studies (Gen Ed)
PhilosophyPhilosophy (CORE)Philosophy (Gen Ed)
Romance LanguagesRomance Languages-French & Italian (CORE)Romance Languages-French & Italian (Gen Ed)
 Romance Languages-French & Spanish (CORE)Romance Languages-French & Spanish (Gen Ed)
 Romance Languges-Italian & Spanish (CORE)Romance Languages-Italian & Spanish (Gen Ed)
RussianRussian (CORE)Russian (Gen Ed)
SpanishSpanish-Language and Culture in Professional Contexts (CORE)Spanish-Language and Culture in Professional Contexts (Gen Ed)
 Spanish-Literature and Culture (CORE)Spanish-Literature and Culture (Gen Ed)
 Spanish-Linguistics and Culture (CORE)Spanish-Linguistics and Culture (Gen Ed)
TheatreTheatre (CORE)Theatre (Gen Ed)
Women's StudiesWomen's Studies (CORE)Women's Studies (Gen Ed)