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Declaring an ARHU Major

Declaring/adding a major in the College of Arts and Humanities.

Majors in the College of Arts and Humanities offer an interdisciplinary approach to culture, literature, history and the world around us. Our majors foster globally aware citizens who use their love of learning, analytical skills, communication proficiencies, creativity and reflection to influence and challenge concepts that, basically, make us human. These abilities translate into many post-graduate paths for ARHU students.

To add or declare a major, you must follow these steps:

  1. Contact and meet with the departmental advisor to discuss major and begin academic plan.
  2. Obtain Foreign Language assessment through the Arts and Humanities Foreign Language Placement Assessment (FLPA)*
    • An assessment score, AP credit or earned college credit must be on file to change your major.
    • If you are seeking exemption from The Global Engagement Requirement*, you MUST take the FLPA in a proctored environment; registration is on the FLPA link.
  3. Call ARHU Office of Student Affairs at 301-405-2108 to schedule an appointment to complete the change of major.
  4. Meet with an ARHU advisor to complete the change of major process. You must bring your Academic Plan Checklist to change your major.

*For assessment in Modern Greek, Ancient Greek or Latin.