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The College of Arts & Humanities is pleased to announce the 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipients and Freshmen Scholars.  Students who have received these awards are invited to attend the annual Dean's Scholars Dinner & Awards Ceremony where they receive recognition for their outstanding achievements and academic excellence.

Arts & Humanities Freshmen Scholars | Arundel Mills Scholarship | Catherine P. Mackin Memorial Scholarship | Catherine F. Vuozzo Scholarship | Dean's Freshman Scholarship | Dean's Senior ScholarsElizabeth Cannon Scholarship | Heyward G. Hill Memorial Scholarship | Oosterhous Creative ArtsStringer Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship

Arts and Humanities Freshmen Scholars

Student NameDepartment
Brittany BarrettaGeneral Business/Communication
Alexander BeresovksyMusic/History
Brendan ButlerCommunication/Government and Politics
Kevin ButtsArabic Studies/Spanish
Corinne CanningEnglish
Emily CantrellMusic
Jordan Carter-ReichArabic Studies/Psychology
Andrew CohenHistory
Matthew CurleyHistory
David CynmanJewish Studies
Rachel DiDonnaHistory
Marc FalvoRomance Languages
Natalie HsiehEnglish
Sophia JafrulCommunication
Joanna JonesMusic
Hannah KravisJapanese
Kristina LykkeEnglish
Andrew MarchsteinerHistory
Katlin MeissingerEnglish
Patricia Mullaney-LossDance/Government and Politics
Amy RappoleHistory
David RothenbergJewish Studies/History
Kelly ShapiroCommunication/Psychology
Sarah StraneyRussian Studies/History
Natasha WestheimerJewish Studies
Kimberly WilkePersian Studies

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Arundel Mills

Students majoring in Theatre, Music, or Dance with a minimum 3.7 GPA are eligible for the Arundel Mills scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Spencer GoldbergMusic

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Catherine P. Mackin Memorial Scholarship

First-year students majoring in a Arts and Humanities program are eligible for the Catherine P. Mackin Memorial Scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Racqueal LegerwoodChinese/Studio Art
Alexander LeidyTheatre
Ryan HeisingerHistory/English

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Catherine F. Vuozzo Scholarship

Students in need of financial assistance are eligible for the Catherine F. Vuozzo Scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Michael CasianoEnglish

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Dean’s Freshman Scholarship

Students who display academic talent and are well-rounded are eligible for the Dean's Freshman Scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Barbara ByrdEnglish
Weimin ChenHistory
James DarkenAmerican Studies
Tajah EbramEnglish
Carrie HildebrandtArabic Studies
Tacy LambiaseHistory

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Dean’s Senior Scholars

Student NameDepartment
Raha Behnam ShabahangDance/Anthropology
Natalie Cuadra-SaezHistory/Classics
Aaron FreemanLinguistics
Lina Morales-ChacanaSpanish
Annelise MyersGermanic Studies
John Van TriesteJapanese/Chinese
Hannah WengerEnglish

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Elizabeth Cannon Scholarship

Student NameDepartment
Caitlin ReddingMusic

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Heyward G. Hill Memorial Scholarship of the DACOR Bacon House Foundation

Students interested in pursuing a career in international affairs are eligible for the Heyward G. Hill Memorial Scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Kevin TervalaArt History & Archaelogy/History

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Oosterhous Creative Arts Scholarship

Students majoring in Art, Dance, Music, Theatre with a minimum 3.5 GPA or above are eligible for the Oosterhous Creative Arts Scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Tonique HeavenCommunication/Theatre
Rachel WolfeDance

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Stringer Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship

Students majoring in Theatre, Dance, or Music are eligible for the Stringer Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship.

Student NameDepartment
Spencer GoldbergMusic/Computer Science
Alexander LeidyTheatre
Whitney PynnPsychology/Theatre
Hectorlynne WuorAccounting/Theatre

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For more information on ARHU and/or external scholarships, visit financial support.

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