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Sheri Parks
Sheri Parks weighs in on arts education and the cost of funding arts programs.
With ties to slavery and black migration in the Jim Crow era, history lends cultural significance to the city's go-to fast food.

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NEA-funded projects demonstrate the impact and transformative power of the arts.
NEH-funded projects demonstrate the value and diversity of humanities research.
ARHU female faculty members, students and alumni are engaging with some of society’s most pressing issues.

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2/27/17, WalletHub
Prof. Robyn Muncy speaks on financial challenges facing women and how state level public policy agendas are addressing the issues.
2/25/17, Huffington Post
Julie Greene explores how perspectives on immigrants set the foundation for Trump's immigration policies.
2/22/17, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Roshan Institute partners with Kent State University to digitize the national archives of Afghanistan.
2/16/17, Washington Jewish Week
Play encourages a second look at the simplistic understanding of gender, identity and womanhood.


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