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Anyone who wants to fall in love with orchestral music could do worse than go to Maryland in June.
Ira Berlin helped demonstrate the central role slavery played in American history. (John Consoli/University of Maryland)
Distinguished University Professor brought African-American history to audiences beyond academia.

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Explore the performing arts at Maryland for the 2018-19 season.
ARHU is proud to recognize the achievements of some of our 2018 graduating seniors.

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6/19/18, The Washington Post
Professor of American Studies Janelle Wong weighs in on why white evangelicals support Donald Trump.
6/13/18, "Late Night Live," Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Associate Professor of American Studies Jason Farman discusses his forthcoming book on communication technology and time.
5/13/18, The Baltimore Sun
History Ph.D. student Ala Creciun Graff weighs in on Putin's use of symbolism and history.


STAMP Gallery, Adele H. Stamp Student...
Wed, 5/30/18 - 5:00 PM
The Clarice Smith Performing Arts...
Sat, 6/2/18 - 8:00 AM
Kay Theatre, The Clarice Smith...
Thu, 6/21/18 - 9:00 AM
Various Spaces at The Clarice
Fri, 9/7/18 - 8:00 AM