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Scholarships & Academic Honors

We are committed to supporting students in their academic endeavors by offering and providing information on scholarship opportunities.

  1. Arts & Humanities Scholarships
  2. Departmental Scholarships & Honors
  3. Previous Recipients of ARHU Scholarships
  4. Office of Student Financial Aid

ARHU Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Students are considered for these scholarships on the basis of their application submissions to the university and their financial need. In addition to the many scholarships administered through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the College of Arts & Humanities offers the following scholarships for fall semester incoming freshmen:

  • Creative and Performing Arts Awards: Offered to incoming Art, Dance, Music and Theatre majors; awarded by audition and portfolio review
  • Dean’s Freshmen Scholars: A one-year scholarship for academically talented, well-rounded students
  • The Elizabeth Cannon Scholarhip: A renewable scholarship for incoming freshmen with a delcared ARHU major from Maryland's Eastern Shore
  • The Eileen and Donald Himelfarb Scholarship in the Humanities: will support for up to four years the tuition, fees, books and supplies of an in-state student with high financial need and demonstrated academic achievement, given with preference to a student majoring in History (pending funding)

ARHU Scholarships for Current Students

The college offers several scholarships to its students (details below). Each scholarship has eligibility criteria. Scholarship information and applications are made available each spring semester. Applications are available in 1120 Francis Scott Key Hall. Scholarship deadlines are Friday, March 27, 2015, unless otherwise noted. Scholarship awards are granted for the following fall semester. Scholarship amount is subject to change.

Scholarship & Application Description
Arundel Mills Scholarship For Theatre, Music and/or Dance majors
Catherine Vuozzo Scholarship For ARHU majors that need financial assistance
Heyward G. Hill Memorial Scholarship
March 20, 2015 Application Deadline 
For ARHU majors interested in a career in international affairs
Stringer Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship For Theatre, Music and/or Dance majors
Catherine Mackin Memorial Scholarship For first year ARHU majors
Douglas and Holly Jacobs Memorial Scholarship For transfer ARHU majors from a community college
Artist Scholarship For Music majors
James F. Harris Arts & Humanities Visionary

For ARHU majors with outstanding academic achievement
Hugh F. and Glen Hannah Cole Financial Aid
(Names will be provided by Office of Financial Aid and eligible students will be invited to apply)
For ARHU majors with demonstrated financial need

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Department Scholarships & Honors

Several ARHU departments award scholarships and offer honors programs to eligible students. Please check with your departmental advisor or your director of undergraduate programs for more information.

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Past recipients….


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