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Foreign Language Placement Assessment

Foreign language placement assessment (FLPA) is designed to ensure that you are registered for the correct foreign language course. This is not a test; there is no way to fail the assessment. Sample questions are provided to help familiarize you with the assessment format. Students with little to no background in the language must still take the assessment; however, pre-test questions may sufficiently place you into the beginning level of the course.

The FLPA is governed by the UMD Code of Academic Integrity.hlink You are expected to perform at your highest level so that you will be placed into the correct language course. Instructors will verify your language placement during schedule adjustment and may ask you to change your schedule if you are enrolled in the incorrect course.

For accurate placement, YOU SHOULD NOT

  • Solicit outside help with the exam (including course notes, textbooks/dictionary, family members or friends with experience in the language in question).
  • Guess the answers to the exam questions. Only answer if you are sure what the answer is.

Deliberately answering any portion of the FLPA incorrectly is a violation of the UMD Honor Code.  In addition, it may result in incorrect placement.

For each language, students can take the assessment, proctored or online, once per term and only twice total.

  • Summer/fall term: June 1st - December 31st
  • Winter/spring term: January 1st - May 31st

If you take a language placement assessment twice, the highest score will determine your placement. You must take the course in which you place.

How to complete your assessment

  1. I am an ARHU major or I will be declaring an ARHU major.  I understand this means I must take the FLPA.
  2. I want to take a language course.  I am not and do not plan to be a student in the College of Arts & Humanities.

For more information, contact the ARHU Office of Student Affairs at 301-405-2108 or